Opening profiles into an international carrer development

LifeSciences are no more just a laboratory thing. The last decade of research has served to stablish Biotechnology as an emerging sector that is experimenting a strong investment growth. The discovery of new drugs at the service of pharmaceutical industry is the focus of work for most of the new companies researching in new drugs, which is currently changing the way as biomedical industry works.

But, although scientists are well formed in their fields of study, problems appear when they try to make profitable their discoveries. The startups in Biotechnology had multiplied, and they already represent the 5% out of the total of companies in the life sciences sector, according to the Spanish Bioindustry Association (ASEBIO).

In this sense, developing good business skills is essential for future scientist to success in the actual corporate ecosystem of the biopharmaceutical industry. At the Biotechnology Business Institute, we want to promote these new emerging profiles that the industry is demanding increasingly.

The students of our master programs will have the opportunity to work in teams of some of the most important global pharmaceutical companies as well as new biotechnology companies, developing innovative products inside the biomedical sector. Their demanded profiles allow the students to work in different roles and departments in biotech companies, consultancies, pharmaceutical companies, technology transfer offices from hospitals and research centers. These are some of the companies where our students are currently working.