BioSeed Capital reinforced its presence in the TTS Latin America conference held in Miami

Juan Garcia
May 9, 2018

BARCELONA, 29 Nov. – After the rewarding experience in the past two annuals of the TTS Global Initiative in Medellín and Santiago de Compostela, BioSeed Capital took part in the latest conference as part of the international speakers.

Juan R. García, managing partner at the Biotechnology Business Institute and BioSeed Capital, traveled to Miami last 28th of November for the last TTS Global Initiative conference. In this occasion, the second annual concerning Latin American countries gathered stakeholder groups from all over the globe dated in search of an effective relationship between the main actors involved in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.

New this year, there was a great focus on networking and building business relations between the main actors of the between the top institutions and early-stage biotech companies in Latin America, and leading US and European TTOs, institutions, investors, entrepreneurs, pharma, large biotech and industry.

Once again, BioSeed Capital was invited to take part in the conference, after the rewarding experience lived in the past two annuals of the TTS Global Initiative, held in Medellín, Colombia – TTS Latin America – and Santiago the Compostela – TTS Europe – during 2016 and 2017 respectively. Our Chairman, Juan R. García, was one of the international speakers that talked about the biotech start-up funding and SMEs in Latin America. García explained during the panel discussion what the investors are looking for in this growing sector of life sciences.